Sunday, January 27, 2013

I just signed up for a new free website to answer questions.

I don't know exactly how this website works but it sounded like it might be interesting.
I like websites that allow people to ask questions to attorneys for free.
I like educating the public even though I no longer litigate.
I try to steer them in the right direction.

I'm often shocked at how uneducated people are regarding Texas family law.
I think 95% of the time I write "You need to meet with an experienced family law attorney in person and discuss the facts of your unique situation." .

Texas family law is so complex that most cases just need a family law attorney.
People that attempt to handle cases without an attorney are just asking for big trouble later on down the road.

For example, a couple owns a house with both parties on the mortgage.  The judge cannot remove either spouse from the mortgage (3rd party creditor).  Years go by.  The parties go on with their lives.  The party in the house quits making the mortgage payments or the party might even die.  The other innocent spouse  has moved & totally forgotten about this marriage.  The "other innocent spouse" tries to buy a house.  This spouse cannot because their credit is ruined because (1) they are on another mortgage  (2) the late payments are showing up on their credit report and (3) there might be a foreclosure showing up on their credit. If the "other innocent spouse" had used an attorney during the marriage at least he/she would have been notified of all these potential problems that could have occurred years down the road.  Personally, I don't understand why a couple that could not be married would want to still co-own a house together.  I just don't get it.  I can see the writing on the wall & it's never pretty.


  1. Great post. My father just hired a family law attorney (Marshall Davis Brown)for his "unique situation". He is very happy with him. I have never had to hire an attorney and I hope I never get into a situation where I do. I also don't understand why a couple that could not be married would want to still co-own a house together. It has trouble written all over it. Thanks for sharing Fran.

  2. Yes It is no secret that a happy marriage requires work & compromise.

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  4. Now I know and have used *many* lawyers (see my reviews) and not one of them, no matter how big they are, charges $450 for a simple phone consultation. Nathan @ KSB Fam Law