Friday, January 11, 2013

Items to Bring to Mediation



Current court orders on file

Proposed settlement offer

Signed Agreement to Mediate 

Calendars for the next 2-3 years

Paper to take notes & Pens (including yellow highlighter)

Current child support tax chart

 Tax returns for past 2 years & 3 current paystubs

How you calculated child support

Proof of the monthly premium for the child’s health insurance

Copy of chid's health insurance card

Any written documentation that you think might be helpful to the mediator

Texas Family Code

List of parental rights & duties 

Anything that you think you might need - leave it in trunk of vehicle
(it does not do any good if the documents are at home & unavailable)

Copy of a Standard Possession Order or proposed possession order

Money to pay mediator - exact change is appreciated

Photo of the minor children for mediator

Sweater - in case you get cold

Any medications you take 

Cigarettes - if you smoke

Food in case you get hungry since mediation might go on for up to 10 hours

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