Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where do I look to find a family law attorney in the State of Texas?

Where would I look to find an experienced family law attorney?

I would look on and the State Bar of Texas website. 

There are many, many attorneys sites so you can “google” family law or divorce attorney & your county. 

Two big, well-known paid attorney websites are or
These are essentially the same website - owned by the same major corporation - but you can look at them both. is for the public & Martindale is for attorneys.  

How can I afford an attorney?

Many attorneys offer a free consultation either over the phone or in person.  
Many offer payment plans.  
Most accept credit cards. 

How much should I pay for my family law attorney?  

An attorney charges based on many factors including their location, their current work load, their overhead (such as rent and staff), their years of practice and if they are board certified.  

Board certified attorneys usually have a higher hourly rate.  Some board certified attorneys rates START at $400/hour or more.  If you cannot afford that type of money, then don't waste your time and try to hire one.  Many excellent attorneys are not board certified for a variety of reasons.  Some attorneys don't want to take the test.  

If you are on a limited budget, then you need to look for a newly licensed attorney that is not board certified.

If you want a free (pro bono) attorney, then you are going to have to wait.  You also need a "simple" case.  The pro bono organizations are overwhelmed with requested & have limited funding.  Look on the State Bar of Texas website for organizations throughout the State of Texas.  Houston Volunteer Lawyers (713-2280732) has a waiting list of up to 3 years.  The law schools also have legal clinics but they take cases that take only 2-4 months so that their students can finish a case in one semester.

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