Monday, January 14, 2013

Old blog can be exists for reading purposes only!

My old blog - which I used for years is still on-line but I have not been able to "post" to it since November, 2012.  In fact, I've had trouble with it for most of 2012.  After numerous attempts to fix the problem, I determined it was just easier to start from scratch.

Please read the dates of my posts -- many were written several years ago & Texas laws do change every time the Texas legislature meets so my post might not be 100% accurate!  Therefore, please consult with a licensed Texas attorney & please do not rely on any information on any of my blog entries.

These blog posts were done for informational & for entertainment purposes only -- I am not giving anyone legal advice so don't rely on anything you read.  They are worth what you paid -- nothing!

So you can read my old blog entries but from now on new posts will be on this new blog that reflects my practice now - a 100% mediation practice only.

I no longer choose to litigate these days.

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