Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Popular amicus attorneys in Harris County

Here is a partial list of amicus attorneys used in Harris County:

Joe Indelicato

Leo Farias

Geric Tipsword 

Rogers Beaudreaux

Israel Saldivar, Jr.

Dara Percely

Rock Pilgrim 

Marsha Reed

Patricia Bushman

Allyson Brubacher

Rose Cardenas

Myrna Gregory

Gina Gilstrap

Karleana Farias

Rogers Boudreaux

Holli Palmer

Lori Laird

Itze Soliz

Allison Travers Hamilton 

Claudia Canalas

Gigi Hedelten Oglesby

Jetty Abraham

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Best professional photographer in Houston!





Nestled in the quiet district of Spring Branch/ Memorial area, you will find our scenic studio. 
Barfield Photography
1312 Woodvine, Houston, TX 77055 
P: 713.688.0148

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


  1. Obtain a Certified Copy of Your Divorce Decree.
    This can be obtained from your attorney or from the county clerk at the courthouse.
    Make a copy of it in color so you have two. One to use and one to keep at home for back up.

  2. Keep Your Marriage License.
    You may need it in the future for social security or other needs in the future.
  3. Complete the QDRO Process.
    This is important to do sooner rather than later!
  4. Complete the IRA or Other Investment Transfer Process.
    To receive any IRA or other non ERISA assets from your ex-spouse you must follow the investment firms’ rules. Call the firm for more information. This may require your ex- spouses signature.
  5. Change Your Beneficiaries.
    Do this on assets you owned during the marriage and still retain (your own life insurance policies, annuities, 401k/403b or IRA, etc.)
  6. Please Run a Credit Report on Yourself.
  7. Remove Your Ex-Spouses Name from Accounts
    Go through your accounts and be sure to adjust the registrations. Pay special attention to any accounts that will be reporting to credit bureaus and any financial accounts. Re-title any vehicles in your name alone.
  8. Establish Your Own Financial Identity
    If you haven’t already, get a credit card in your name as well as a checking and savings account. Start building your individual credit as soon as possible. Use the credit card but pay it off each month.
  9. Notify All Insurance Policies
    Be sure to review the beneficiaries on any policies and make sure that your ex-spouse’s name is removed. Visit with your agent to be sure that you have all the coverage you need and that you understand all details of your policies. If you’re going to be using COBRA health coverage through your ex-spouse’s employer, contact your insurer to find out to set it up
10. Get Organized
If you’ve never had one, create a filing system for all of your important financial documents as well as any statements that need to be retained for tax information.
11. Create a Budget
You’re embarking on a new life with a whole new set of finances. Sit down and create a budget. If this is too overwhelming, ask your financial advisor for help.
12. Write a New Will
Everything has changed. Be sure that your new wishes are clear so that there is no confusion.
13. Educate Yourself
You don't want to jump into major financial decisions before getting your bearings and making sure you fully understand the landscape. Many people find themselves in a situation where they are responsible for financial tasks that they never had to perform in their marriage. Take time to educate yourself and understand your financial options. Seek out a financial expert who can help you grasp a better understanding of your money matters.
14. Notify your Employer
Your employer may need to change company records, health or life insurance plans, and update accounts regarding retirement or 401-K programs. You also need to fill out a new W-4 with your new tax filing status.
15. Revoke any Powers of Attorney
If you have given your former spouse a power of attorney you should ensure that it is revoked in writing.

16. For Women, Change your Name with Social Security Administration.
Your social security number will not change. 
17. For Women, Change your Name with the DMV (Driver’s License).
You can also change the name on your Texas DMV vehicle title and change your voter registration name at the DMV. 
18. For Women, Change your Name on Your Passport.
This can typically be done via mail. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Association for Conflict Resolution - Houston Chapter 2018 Lifetime Achievement Dinner

The Association for Conflict Resolution Houston Chapter
invites you to the

Lifetime Achievement Dinner
recognizing pioneers of the professional mediation community in Houston




The Association for Conflict Resolution Houston Chapter, a 501(c)3, is the local branch of the worldwide international organization for mediators, arbitrators, negotiators, and facilitators. 

This evening will be a celebration of mediation, a silent auction, and an opportunity to win a grand door prize. 

Ticket Prices: Special Early Reservation Price until April 15, 2018: $100
Regular Reservation Price: $125

Sponsors welcome:
Table for 10 and Event Website Recognition: $1,000 General Supporter and Event Website Recognition: $500

Attire is cocktail dress

For reservations go to:
Lifetime Achievement Dinner Registration Link


Please call me or email if you have a question.

People post personal info under "comments" and I cannot reply! 

This is very frustrating to me BUT this blog site forces me to (1) delete or (2) post.  

If you need to contact me then:

phone - 713-805-9591 
(between hours of 10 am - 7 pm ONLY 7 days a week)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Am I married?

Austin Texas has a governmental agency that tracks life events such as marriages, divorces, births, and deaths.

It's the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

If you want to know if you are married, that is where I'd start.

CPS Attorneys

Here is a partial list of attorneys that say they do CPS cases.

I know most of them. I would call any of them for a consultation if I had a CPS case.

Remember - if CPS contacts you, IMMEDIATELY hire a CPS attorney to help and guide you on this difficult and tricky process.

I would want to talk to a CPS attorney BEFORE meeting with CPS.

Bobbie Young

Rocky LeAnn Pilgrim

Dennis Slate

George Clevenger

Julie Brock

Jetty Abraham

Eric McFerrin

Les Shireman

Beth Arnold Trostad

Barbara Rice Stadler

Hillary Unger

Allette Williams

Thao Tran

Gigi Oglesby

Susan Solis

Or check out - best FREE website to locate attorneys in your area.

Unmarried pregnant women

If you are not married and you are pregnant, PLEASE call a family law attorney in your county to talk about your options.

It is so distressing when a woman that just gave birth calls and regrets the decisions she made at the hospital regarding the child's birth certificate.

I am especially upset when the new mom admits dad has drug, alcohol, mental illness or anger management issues. Or, his family members (normally paternal grandmother) is trying to control the entire situation.

If you sign up for any governmental assistance such as Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, etc. you need to read ALL THE FINE PRINT. You are allowing the State of Texas Attorney General's office to file a lawsuit against the bio. dad asking for reimbursement on behalf of Texas taxpayers!

You have no say in this matter once you access free or discounted services provided by the federal or state government.

It's like a snow ball rolling down hill, once it starts you just cannot stop it and it gets bigger and bigger.

If you don't want the Attorney General office involved, then don't access any free services.

I also usually suggest that mom not put bio dad's name on birth certificate or give the child the bio dad's last name. 

If dad wants to be involved, make him file a Paternity action and ask a judge to give him parental rights and for the child to have his last name.

If you do it, it's almost impossible to reverse. And, then it's going to cost you thousands of dollars in legal and court costs to try to get a judge to agree with you -- which many judges won't do so you wasted all your time and money.

Of course, only unhappy people call a lawyer. People that are getting along never call me so I recognize that I have a possibly unrealistic view of unmarried young people.

In summary, talk to a lawyer NOW and not later.