Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm now advertising on as one of their mediators in the Houston, Texas area.  I "claimed" my profile on when the company first came on line years ago & I've watch the site grow into one of the leading attorney referral sites on the web.

While I was litigating, I had many potential clients find my name from  It was a great free advertising site.  Now that I have 10% mediation practice, I am curious to see if can produce the same results for me.

Update one year later -- I cancelled this paid for advertising.  I have noticed that I still receive a lot of phone calls off of this website due to the excellent reviews that I have and my 10.0 rating. I have not noticed a reduction in calls since I now only use their free service.  I do answer a lot of questions posted on their website and I think that generates calls too.  I basically wasted over $1,000 last year on this advertising - very disappointing.

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