Friday, April 8, 2016

New a tough, smart attorney for a family law case?

I can highly recommend Attorney Patricia Bushman 
at 713-807-9405.

Talk to Jessica or Victoria.

Her office is open Monday - Friday from 9-5 pm.

We have officed in the same suite over 7 years - but I have known her over 15 years.

Her first appointment is $25 and if you hire her then that money is applied to your deposit.

She is a very smart and tough attorney that loves to go to court.

She has been licensed approximately 20 years.

She has presented me and I send all my friends and family to her.

If I have a legal issue, I want Pat on my side!

Attorney for uncontested cases in the Houston area (counties like Harris & Montgomery County)

I have met Attorney Amy Fearnow and I can now recommend her if you need any uncontested paperwork prepared.

Her rates are very reasonable - starts at $1,000 plus her out-of-pocket fees (like filing fees).

She does quality work!


Please tell Amy that Fran sent you!