Thursday, October 3, 2013

Warning if you are using the new Supreme Court Do It Yourself Forms!

At the October, 2013 Houston Bar Association luncheon for family law attorneys, one of the Associate Judges mentioned to the group in attendance that the biggest problem with the new Do It Yourself divorce forms approved in January 2013 by the Texas Supreme Court is that the Waiver of Service is often not completed properly and therefore he is unable to approve the divorce.

So be very careful when checking the boxes on this form - apparently it is a very confusing form.  If you check the wrong box then the judge cannot accept your divorce and you will have to do the Waiver of Service over again in front of a notary.

I do not use these forms so please do not call me & ask me how to fill out these forms.

If you want to come into my office and have me help you will out these forms then I will charge you my normal hourly rate of $175/hour to do this.  I assume it will take less than 2 hours to fill out these forms.  It will depend on how fast you can write & if you have all the required information in order to fill out the forms.

You need to read these forms carefully.  They are tricky!  Good luck!