Saturday, July 22, 2017

Amicus Attorneys in Harris county custody cases

There are many, many fine attorneys that do amicus work in Harris county.

Here is a partial list of attorneys that will represent children in custody cases.

If someone's name does not appear - it does not mean that they are not good at what they do.

Prices vary according to their experience and years of practice.

A partial list of Amicus Attorneys in the Houston area:

Jetty Abraham

Damiane Banieh

Phyanka Bhandari

Rogers Boudreaux

Julie Brock

Allyson Brupbacher

Patricia Bushmna

Claudia Canalas

Rose Cardenas

Robert Clark

George Clevenger

Jennifer Davis

Laura Arteaga Francis

Karleana Farias

Leo Farias

Kelly Fritsch

Kathy Gardner

Angelina Gooden

Daniel Gray

Alex Hunt

Janet Heppard

Ashley Indelicato

Farrah Kamal

Michele Fulton Kilgore

Megan Kitutis Keimig

Delona Tucker Laxton

Angela Landa

Maria Lowry

Eric McFerren

Alice O'Neil

Georgann Oslesby

Elizabeth Pagel

Dara Percely

Stephanie Proffitt

Holli Palmer

Rocky Lee Pilgrim

Marsha Reed

Dawn Rankin

Alemia Rodriguez

Barbara Rice Stalder

Itze Navarro Soliz

Dennis Slate

Geric Tipsworth

Terisa Taylor

Hillary Unger

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sites to locate missing people

Here are just a few of the websites I use to try to find people that are missing:

Hint: Avoid sites that charge $30-$35 for one search. Most are out-of-date. - around $40/year

District Clerk of the county you want - search criminal and civil cases

Real property records of the county you want

County Clerk for the county you want - Marriage records

The county jail for the county you want - lists inmates

The State of Texas inmate search website

The federal inmate search website

I. C. E.

The Bureau of Vital Statistics in Austin (keeps track of all divorces and other civil legal matters)

If you have Social Security Number see if it's still active or "deactivated" due to death.

Search "obituaries"

Monday, July 3, 2017

Harris County CPS attorneys

Here is a partial list of attorneys that say they do CPS cases.  I know most of them. I would call any of them for a consultation if I had a CPS case.

Remember - if CPS contacts you, IMMEDIATELY hire a CPS attorney to help and guide you on this difficult and tricky process.

Bobbie Young

Rocky LeAnn Pilgrim

Dennis Slate

George Clevenger

Julie Brock

Jetty Abraham

Eric McFerrin

Les Shireman

Beth Arnold Trostad

Barbara Rice Stadler

Hillary Unger

Allette Williams

Thao Tran

Gigi Oglesby

Susan Solis

Or check out - best FREE website to locate attorneys in your area.