Thursday, August 28, 2014

Laury Adams & Adams' Financial Resource Center

Use the Adams’ Mediation & Financial Resource Center
when you want to……..
• Review you current finances
• Create a comprehensive “Financial Photo” of your Assets and Liabilities
• Receive information and learn strategies for customizing a self-managed portfolio
• Find Investments that outperform the market
• Regularly monitor and evaluate your investments
• Build wealth by managing risk with the “Asset Risk Allocation” portfolio evaluator
• Plan for your well being at all stages of the life cycle including retirement
• Form a successful financial partnership with spouse or VSP (Very Special Person)
• Make wise decisions regarding large purchases: home, car, other
• Assure a positive cash flow
• Use credit for your convenience and benefit not the lenders (see credit section)
When a Financial Planner is not enough, use a MONEY COACH!
Live for Today and Plan for Tomorrow!
     Financial planning is only one step in achieving your goals. Plans are worthless without implementation. A Money Coach will help you develop and use skills that enable you to provide for your financial well-being at all stages of the life cycle. “Life Style/Life Cycle” financial management is a visionary concept that encourages individuals to manage money in order to maintain the desired standard of living throughout one’s life!
FAQ of Laury
Who are your investment clients?
     My investment clients are very bright professional people who want to be in control of their own finances but don’t have the time or inclination to search for the necessary information to make wise financial decisions.

What are the advantages of using the Adams’ Financial Resource Service?
YOU have a consultant who considers your total financial needs --return on investments, cash flow, major purchases, retirement, college costs and other obligations.
YOU receive information to become knowledgeable about current and future investments.
YOU are provided with options for a customized investment portfolio to fit your personal needs and tolerance for risk. Your financial situation is just as unique as your fingerprint. If current holdings are appropriate, they are never sold to be transferred to a “model.” Selling non-retirement assets could trigger unnecessary taxes.
YOU have an Investment Monitoring Program to help you organize, track, evaluate, and coordinate all your investments, including retirement plans and holdings at any brokerage.
YOU can build wealth while limiting risk by finding no-load mutual funds that outperform the indices in both increasing and declining markets. The “Asset Risk Allocation” chart is designed to show risk by automatically calculating percentages of assets in each of five categories.
YOU can schedule personal consultations to evaluate your portfolio at six-month intervals or more often if desired,
YOU are never locked in to binding contracts. Fees are based only on the services that are provided. The service is based solely on clients’ needs. Information and options that are provided are always in YOUR best interest. . Adams’ revenues have never been generated from the sale of financial products. Since 1979, the continuation of this service has been due to the satisfaction and success of my clients.

I am not connect with this company in any way and I receive no compensation for listing this company on my blog.  If I was going through a divorce, this is a company that I would research to determine if Laury Adams could help me.  

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