Saturday, August 30, 2014

If you have questions - talk to an attorney immeditely

I offer a free 10 minute free family law consultation to people.  I talk to at least 20 new people a week.

Below are some suggestions to make your life easier:

1.  The TX legislature meets every 2 years and makes changes to TX laws.  This includes probate, wills, divorce, common law marriage, spousal support (alimony), child support and other issues that might impact your life.

2.  If you have a question, concern or even a fleeting thought, I highly recommend that you call an attorney in your county.

3.  There are many websites where you can post a free legal question...

4.  Sometimes it is worth meeting with an attorney in person and paying for an hour of that person's time and knowledge.

5.  Do not listen to your friends and family regarding legal questions or problems you might have. Most are not attorneys and they probably don't know current TX law.

6. If you don't like the answer you receive from one attorney then continue to shop around.  It's called the "practice" of law because there are no guarantees about your outcome.  Judges interpret the law differently, facts vary from case to case, and there are many other reasons why if you talk to 3 attorneys you might get 5 different answers.

It's a lot like your car.  It won't run one morning.  Why?  It could be a variety of things - out of gas, a bad battery, a bad alternator, it's not in park, or many other things.  No car repair is exactly the same.  Similarly no legal problem is the same.

So don't stick your head in the sand and expect your problem to go away -- it won't -- it usually gets worst.  Deal with it now while it's a small problem instead of ignoring it and waiting until it is a crisis.  It's a lot like a cut - you can either ignore it and risk it getting infected or clean the wound, put ointment on it and a band-aide and minimize the potential problem.

I talked to 3 people this week that never consulted with an attorney when it was merely a question or a minor problem, now they have a huge crisis on their hands.  It is so much easier to handle things when they are small and easy rather than when they are huge & difficult.

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