Friday, August 29, 2014

Google has named me an "expert"!

Google has several of my blog posts listed as an expert on page 1 of several Google searches.

I have no control over Google's opinion of me.

I do not understand how or the reason why they list some of posts on page 1 of google.  I do not pay for these posts.  These posts (such as adult name change) have taken on a life of their own -- most of these posts are several years old and the laws have changed somewhat.

Unfortunately my old blog ( became "frozen" when Google+ came into the picture.  I paid my computer wizard to fix it and he eventually gave up and suggested that I just start a totally new blog -- hence

I've been on the internet for almost 18 years - I was one of the first attorneys to have a website -- my first site was designed by a high school student and was half a page!

Just because Google lists me does not mean that they are 100% accurate.

You can call me if you have a question.  If I cannot help you then I will try to refer you to someone that I know and trust.

The best free attorney referral site that I am aware of is
I use it.
I have a 10.0 rating on
I have many, many rave reviews.

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