Thursday, August 28, 2014

Divorce Coach - Aaron Kaplan

The Kaplan Project, LLC offers a  highly confidential, nonjudgmental, nurturing, comforting, supportive, inspirational, goal-oriented coaching process designed to  guide you through all stages of the divorce journey, from deciding whether or not to divorce, the actual divorce process, as well as rebuilding and creating the life you truly and authentically want for yourself and your family following a divorce.  The coaching process that The Kaplan Project offers, enables clients to feel less stressed and anxious, have a safe, nonjudgmental space where they can  express themselves and their needs honestly and authentically, and nurture their best-selves, so that they are able to make the best possible decisions for their future based upon their own particular interests, needs, and concerns.  

As a ​certified, professional divorce coach, I help you navigate all of the rough spots in your divorce, avoid the biggest mistakes that can be made during a divorce,  build and maintain resilience, while saving you precious time and money so that you can manifest your best-self, and move forward into the future  with confidence and strength.

Aaron Kaplan

►Exploring the decision to divorce
►Preparing clients for the divorce process, and serving as their sounding board
▶︎Help you avoid huge emotional and financial mistakes
▶︎Help you employ and maintain a sound decision-making process.
▶︎Help you focus on what's important to you and help you set goals accordingly.
▶︎Helping clients develop and implement a sound strategy for achieving goals, and supporting the implementation
▶︎Helping clients build and maintain resilience
▶︎Connecting clients with other expert professionals such as lawyers and financial analysts
▶︎Helping clients develop better communication skills during the legal process.
▶︎Assist with the divorce transition, help lay a new foundation, and rebuild for the future

▶︎ Exploring strength & growth areas
▶︎ Strengthening communication skills
▶︎ Identifying and managing major stressors
▶︎ Resolving conflict
▶︎ Understanding personality differences
▶︎ Discussing Finances
▶︎ Establishing personal, couple, family goals
▶︎ Crisis Recovery & Rebuilding
▶︎ Creating and executing action plans & strategies to achieve goals and overcome challenges
▶︎Aligning and taking actions that honor and reflect your best self
▶︎Discovering the authentic qualities important to you in a partner
▶︎Developing and implementing a plan to attract the people you want to have relationships with
▶︎Embody the person you want to be in a relationship
▶︎Dealing with, and overcoming the challenges and upsets that may arise in dating and relationships


I am not associated professionally with this company.  I am including this divorce coach on my blog since "divorce coaching" is a new concept in Houston, Texas.  I receive no financial compensation for listing this company on my blog.  

It is my goal to educate the public about family law matters.  If I was going through a divorce I might want to talk to a divorce coach to determine if a divorce coach would be of assistance to me during this transitional period.  I believe his rates in 2014 are approx. $150 per hour - contact him directly for details

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