Thursday, May 29, 2014

Harris County Family Law Courts - change is a coming!

Now that the primaries are over, the news regarding the judicial elections will be quiet for a few months.

In November 2014 several courts in Harris County will have new judges --

Judge Jim York of the 246th is retiring.

Judge Bonnie Hellums of the 247th is retiring.

Judge Denise Pratt of the 311th resigned.

There are some Republication family court judges that have no Democratic opponent  --

Judge Roy Moore of the 245th.
Judge Judy Warne of the 257th.
Judge Lisa Millard of the 310th.
Judge David Farr of the 312th.

The contested races are:

Harris County Family District Court 246
Republican - Charley Prine
Democrat - Sandra Peake

Court 247
Republican - John Schmude
Democrat - Clinton "Chip" Wells

Court 308
Republican - James Lambardino
Democrat - James "Jim" Evans

Court 309
Republican - Sheri Dean
Democrat - Kathleen "Kathy" Vossler

Court 311
Republican - Alicia Franklin
Democrat - Sherri Cothrun

The new judges will take office in January, 2015.

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