Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amicable divorce Option

Apparently I am an "amicable divorce" advocate.

The term "amicable divorce" is a growing term in popularity.

I've been doing this for years -- several years ago the term "holistic law" was the "in" buzz word.  Now that word has fallen out of favor and new terms are taking its place.  Amicable divorce is one of those terms.

I was in the second class of attorneys that took the collaborative law training in the State of Texas.  Unfortunately, the collaborative law movement has not become popular in spite of all the collaborative law movement has done to advertise this option.  It's a great option for people but some people find it expensive and their situation does not "fit" the collaborative law outline.

If you want an amicable divorce, give me a call and let's talk.

I am a mediator & an attorney.

I can either mediate your case or do the paperwork if you and your spouse are basically in agreement on the divorce terms.

Avoid litigation if possible - it's painful emotionally & expensive.

Please seek alternatives to litigation -- there are other options out there -- just look around and do some research.

Google "amicable divorce" to begin learning more.  Please recognize that it's a national movement.  If you live in Texas, you will need to find a person in Texas to assist you with your family law situation.

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