Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Texas Legislature in Session - laws might be changing

Every other year the Texas legislature meets and votes in new laws.

The area of family law is impacted every time the TX legislature meets. They always "tweak" some laws.

So...PLEASE read the date of my blog posts! Laws change. I try to update this blog but my old blog ( is "broken" and I cannot access it any longer -- I cannot delete incorrect or update this old blog.

If new laws are passed then they usually (not 100% of the time) go into effect September 1st of the odd numbered year (in this case 2015)...

As each legislative session begins many bills are submitted. Many never make it out of committee. Of the few that make it through the committee process only a few are actually approved by the legislature.

Be aware that the TX legislature "controls" the Texas Family Code - if you don't like something in the current laws -- unfortunately it is too late to impact the 2015 laws.

If you want to change TX laws -- you need to begin NOW for the 2017 legislative year. You need to have a legislature write & agree to submit a bill for consideration. This is not easy or a quick process.

Stay tuned for my comments on the new laws -- we won't know for a few more weeks that actually is revised/changed/new for Texas families...

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