Saturday, December 13, 2014

The best free Texas website with free forms -

I keep posting about this free website.

Many forms for free on this website:

Divorce forms - for people with and without kids.
Hint: if you have kids be sure to print and fill out "Exhibit A - Standard Possession Order".

Name change forms for adults & minor children

Termination of withholding for child support form

Forms for people over 60

Wills & Estates - have power of attorney forms

This site is fairly easy to use.
If you cannot figure it out then hire an attorney to do the work for you correctly.

The divorce forms are acceptable by Texas Courts.  The Supreme Court of Texas has instructed judges to accept these forms if they are filled out correctly and any other forms that are required are also filled out correctly.

Each court can require extra forms.  So look on-line before going to court.  Many courts list their requirements and even have the forms available for free on-line.

Each county charges a fee for a divorce.  So look on the county clerk's website to determine what your county charges.  For a divorce without kids it's approx. $275 and with kids it's around $300.  That is the only fee - no fee at the end to "finalize" your divorce.

If you are indigent, you can use this website to complete the forms to not pay filing fees.

Good luck!

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