Friday, December 5, 2014

Men that claim that they are treated unfairly in Harris County Family Courts

I receive many phone calls from men claiming that they are treated unfairly in Harris County Family Courts.

That tells me that (1) they did not fight or (2) they did not hire a smart, aggressive, experienced family law attorney.

Many attorneys make all sorts of promises about what they will do but they "wimp" out and don't advocate effectively for their clients.

Unfortunately, people don't know how to find and hire a decent family law attorney.  Websites are not enough.  You need to talk to your friends and family about attorneys they know and respect.

Quite frankly, there are many attorneys that I would never hire to represent me or any of my friends and family.  They "talk" boldly but they "bail" when the work gets tough.

One of the best free websites is or  You can read comments made by attorneys voluntarily answering free questions for Texas residents.  This shows a lot of commitment to the area of family law.

Never hire anyone that does not practice primarily in the area of family law.  I would not hire my dentist to fix my car.  Many attorneys that don't practice family law "disrespect" it.  Family law is a lot tough that most attorneys imagine.  Many excellent litigators have "lost" in family courts because they are not familiar with family law.

Texas law is gender neutral.

Judge James Lombardino in the 308th judicial court of Harris County and his associate judge, Alyssa Lemkuiil, treat fathers fairly from my experience.

I once mediated a case with a baby less than a month old.  We did not settle. I followed  up with this case and learned that Dad and Mom got equal access (50/50) to their child that was less than a month old!

So if you are a male in Harris County, I urge you - "beg" you - to do your research and find a family law attorney that you trust and that does not make all sorts of promises just to sign you up and get your money.  A good family law attorney will explain the pros and cons of every case (there always are cons to any case -- there is no such thing as a "slam dunk" case) and will be your advocate and guide you in how to do what is right for your children.

Look around and make your selection carefully.

It's a lot like dogs -- a tiny poodle might make a lot of noise but a big pit bull might be quiet but deadly.  Don't pick someone just because they have a loud bark!

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