Monday, June 16, 2014

Texas Mutual Injunctions for parties in family law cases

Below are some of the mutual injunctions used regarding children and the parties in family law cases in Texas.  The injunctions will be mutual -- on both people.  Usually just the ones needed are selected.

Mutual Injunctions (pick the appropriate ones)

Mom and Dad are enjoined, until further Court order, from any of the following acts:

·      Disturb the peace of their child.
·      Remove their child beyond the jurisdiction of the Court, acting directly or in concert with others.
·      Disrupt or withdraw their child from the daycare facility or school where their child is presently enrolled.
·      Initiate any discussions with their child concerning any aspect of this litigation or any future litigation.
·      Make disparaging remarks about the other parent, the current spouse of the other parent, or other family members of the other parent in the presence of their child.
·      Allow their child to remain in the presence of any other person making disparaging remarks about the other parent, the current spouse of the other parent, or any family members of the other parent.
·      Discuss any aspect of this lawsuit or any future litigation with others in the presence of the children.
·      Using the children and/or their belongings as a messenger for messages between the parents.
·      Allow any person other than the other parent to discipline the children.
·      No cursing in front of the children.
·      Consume alcohol while in possession of the children or 6 hours prior to the parent’s possession period with the children.
·      Allow any person with whom the parent is in a romantic or dating relationship to remain in the home while the children are present between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.
·      Communicate with the other parent by telephone, text, email, writing, or any other means of communication using vulgar, profane, obscene or indecent language, or in a coarse or offensive manner.
·      Communicate the other parent at unreasonable hours and/or repetitively without a legitimate purpose.
·      Threaten or cause bodily injury to the other parent or to their child.
·      Threaten the other parent to take unlawful action against the other parent.
·      Destroy, remove, conceal, or otherwise harm or damage any property in the possession of the other parent and/or their child.

·      Open or divert mail addressed to the other parent or their child.

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