Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Supreme Court of Texas has approved a free form for people of Texas that court MUST accept

Texas Supreme Court Approved Divorce Forms -- Uncontested, No Minor Children, No Real Property

I tried to download the form...but it did not copy properly...so look on the website at


Look under "Family Law forms" & there is a form for people with no disagreements, no minor children (children under 18), no real estate, that want a quick & easy divorce...the Texas judges must accept this form...

Both spouses must be willing to sign all the paperwork & work together to get the divorce finished!

If the spouses won't work together to get the divorce finished, then this free paperwork probably won't work & you will need to hire an attorney to help you.

Good luck!

You must pay a filing fee to the District Clerk (around $250) to file the divorce petition.

That is the only money you need to pay to get divorced.

If you have no money (you are indigent) you can ask that the filing fee be waived by the judge.
If the clerk requires additional forms to waive the fee, I don't have that that form, sorry.
Ask the clerk if the clerk has a form for you to fill out or where you can get the form on-line to waive the filing fee.

If you want a certified copy of the Final Decree of Divorce with the judge's signature at the end of the divorce, you will need to pay for that.  It's usually around $1 per page for the Final Decree of Divorce but each District Clerk sets the exact fee.  Sometimes you cannot get a copy on the date that the judge grants the divorce - again it varies according to each county.  

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