Thursday, July 4, 2013

15 yr old is pregnant with 22 yr old's baby - what to do?

I often get asked by teen-age girls what they can do when they are pregnant by they older boyfriend/fiance.

1.  If you are under the age of 16 then you cannot "consent" to sex.  Even if you were dating the man with your parents consent, they can "revoke" their consent at any time and call the police.

If he was over the age of 18, then it's statutory rape.  He can be arrested and convicted of raping a child.  He can go to prison.  He will be a convicted sex offender!  This is potentially very serious.

He is an adult.  You are a minor child.

That said, each judge is free to look at each case's facts on an individual basis.  So you need to talk to a criminal lawyer that is familiar with the judges in your county.  Perhaps the judges in your county are more sympathetic about teen-age romance.

2.  Getting pregnant does not automatically make you an adult.  You are merely a pregnant minor child.  Your parents are still going to make all decisions for you and now your baby.
You cannot move out of the house without their permission.  You cannot marry without your parents permission or a judge's permission.

3.  If you doubt what I am saying, call the local policing authorities - police, sheriff or constable.
Or, call a local criminal attorney.

Each county in TX might have a different policy regarding these matters & their policies might change without notice.  Why? Because public policy might force elected officials to change how their enforce the laws in their county.

4.  What should the man do that got you pregnant?  (1) Pray (2) Consult a criminal attorney immediately about what he should do and (3) Not do anything to upset your parents! He is at their mercy.

5.  The TX legislature meets every 2 years and they may possibly change the laws in this regard in the future.  Therefore, this post might become obsolete in the future.

6.  This is a worst case description of what could happen!  Please do not rely on it blindly - call a criminal attorney before "freaking" out.  Also, the District Attorney would have to take the charges and the D A's office might not prosecute in some counties.  Each office has different policies & each office is free to change their policies at any time.

7.  In general, men over the age of 18 should not be dating minors.  Wait until females turn at least 17 years old or better yet - 18!  Better safe than sorry!

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