Sunday, May 7, 2017

I married in another country so can I divorce in Texas?

If you have lived in Texas at least 6 months and lived in the same county for at least 90 days then Texas has jurisdiction over you to grant you a divorce.

It does not matter where you married. In some parts of the world, they don't do "marriage licenses". That does not matter. If you want a divorce then you just need to file a Divorce Petition and begin the lawsuit process.  And, yes a divorce is a lawsuit.

The filing fee is around $300 - varies county to county.

Houston is an international city. We are more diverse than New York City! So just because you are from another country does not mean that your case is unusual or unique.

So hire a family law attorney to assist you.

The free divorce forms are on You should print them out and read about divorce in Texas.  A couple of days ago I posted several websites that are excellent for Texas residents. So look at that post and visit those websites for more info about Texas family law.

The Texas Family Code is available on-line for free. It's a long document so don't print it out. The TX Family Code controls marriage, divorce and children issues.

In summary, no matter where you married if you live in Texas then the courts of your county have the authority to grant you a divorce.

However, the laws of another country might not agree with the State of Texas laws.  So if you are moving back to your other country you might want to hire an attorney in that country to make sure that your divorce is valid in your country too.

It can get confusing when dealing with laws from other countries. If possible, hire someone that is from your country so they might understand the laws in your original country.

In the US, divorce is handled by each state. So if the children are not in Texas, then probably it will be the state where the kids reside. Child support, custody and visitation varies state-to-state. Quite frankly, it can be very confusing.

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