Friday, May 26, 2017

A big thank you to Laura - who answers my phones!

The lovely and talented (and a disabled vet) that answers my business phone (713-847-6000) is Laura.

I hired her because my son-in-law is former military. I wanted to support a former military member that currently has some challenging health issues. So working from home works for her and me.

She's been answering my phones over a year!  We have learned a lot about scheduling. Everything time I think that I've taught her all she needs to know about scheduling a mediation, a new "glitch" shows up! It certainly keeps us on our toes! She is flexible and we both try creative ways to make schedule mediations easier and more efficient.

I purposely hired her because she does not know the law and won't give anyone any legal advice! (Several people have yelled at her but I since I'm on the Unauthorized Practice of Law committee in Houston with the State Bar of Texas I don't want any problems.)

She is a great lady that also an amazing seamstress. She does lots of costumes for events like Ren. Fair. If you need a costume, call her!

She is a mom of 2 girls and is going to be a grand-mother soon.

She tries hard to keep me "organized" and she controls my calendar. She calls my calendar "the bible of Fran" and she keeps with her at all times.

So if you talk to Laura be sure to thank her for her service to our country!

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