Thursday, January 12, 2017

Texas Attorney General's office and children

I get phone calls on a weekly basis regarding people thinking about or having already gone to the Texas Attorney General (TX A G) office to establish paternity, set up child support or set up their visitation, etc.

People somehow think that the TX A G is there to help them - for free.

TX A G is assigned to collect child support on behalf of all the citizens of Texas.

The TX A G does NOT represent you or your children's best interests.

The TX A G represents all the citizens of Texas.

Here is the bottom line -- BEFORE you call the TX A G or go to their office you MUST, MUST, MUST meet with an attorney in person and discuss your case.

It will probably scare you to death.

Major complaints seem to be:
1. I did not understand what I was signing
2. I was told I could change my mind but now they say I cannot
3. They lied to me (or omitted vital information)
4. I did not understand what they were talking about
5. I did not get a copy of my paperwork
6. No one explained all of my options to me

Once you sign, you have agreed to what is printed on the paper. If it is NOT on the paper then it's not legally binding.  Once you leave, a judge will sign the paperwork and the case is over.  Within 30 days the case is final and legally binding on the parties that signed.

To fix "the mess" will now require an attorney and the burden shifts to YOU as to why a judge should modify what you already agreed to do.

This burden of responsibilty is not easy to do.  For example, if mom is a stripper and  she becomes a prostitute after the papers are signed - then it's not a change of circumstance.  Therefore, the judge might not modify it.

I beg people to talk to an attorney BEFORE doing anything.

If you want to move and there is a residency restriction - then you are not moving.

If you want a residency restriction and it's not included - then it's harder to get one added later.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't go to the TX A G office without talking to an attorney first.

And, be aware that they make promises but never do anything. They are an agency assigned to collect child support. Period. They don't care if you never see your kids. They won't enforce visitation. But they will have you thrown in jail for at least 6 months for missing payments.

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