Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mediators -- Organizations you need (must) join

Attention mediators -- these are mediation groups that you need to consider joining:

1. Association of Conflict Resolution - National organization

2. Association of Conflict Resolution - Houston Chapter - cost $35/year

3. Texas Mediator Credentialing Association - annual meeting each year around February in different cities around Texas for 2 days.  Fr 2015, the conference will be in Houston Texas.

4. Texas Mediator Credentialing Association - annual meeting each year in the fall usually in Austin, Texas. A one day seminar.

5. For attorneys only - Association of Attorney-Mediators

There are many more but if you join those you will meet a lot of interesting people interested in mediation and you will "exposed" to other groups.

A good mediator's job of acquiring new techniques (tools) never ends. The 40-hour basic mediation training is only the beginning of your mediation journey. A committed mediator takes classes throughout the year to continue to develop their skill of mediation.

As I tell all the attorneys that mediate with me, when YOU think an impasse should be declared is when I just start my job.

Mediation rocks!

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