Friday, January 16, 2015

Helpful Websites for Harris County & other miscellaneous info

Helpful Websites & Miscellaneous Information:

Best Free Texas Forms:
Warning - some of the forms are tricky.

The Texas Legislature meets every 2 years and usually changes the Texas Family Code. Look on the web -

In Harris County, all legal forms must now be e-filed.  A pro se litigant can go to the Civil Courthouse located at 201 Caroline, Houston, TX 77002 & the clerks will help them e-file their documents.

In the Harris County Law Library is a copy of the Texas Family Law Practice Manual.

In Harris County, any family law case that includes minor children (under the age of 18) the parents should anticipate being required to complete a 4-hour parenting class. Many companies offer these courses (in person or on-line) & prices vary.

Chris Daniel, the Harris County District Clerk’s website is

Stan Stanart, Harris County Clerk, has marriage, death & birth records.

Greg Abbot, the Texas Attorney General’s website is     It contains a child support calculator and the chart to determine child support in the State of Texas.

There are at least 2 free Texas child support calculators on the internet – this will give you a ball-park figure on what child support should be set at by the Judge.

All of the Harris County District Family Courts are now located in the Civil Courthouse at 201 Caroline on the floors 8, 15 and 16. 

The TX A G courts will continue be located in the Old Family Courthouse located at 1115 Congress, Houston, TX 77002.

The Harris County Family Courts have their own local rules located on the web -

The Harris County Family Court info is located on the web -  Look under Judge Moore (245th Judicial District Court) for the most comprehensive set of forms. Each judge is allowed to have their own set of guidelines for their courtroom so check this website and see if there are any special requirements posted. 

The Houston Bar Association has a free family law booklet on their website plus other booklets on other topics.  Website -

The Texas Young Lawyers website has information for the public, including a pro se divorce handbook (it might be slightly out-of-date).

March/April 2014 issue of Houston Family Law magazine is all about family law. Hon. Josefina M. Rendon has a great article on the In Re: Lee--Texas Supreme Court case & mediation.

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