Monday, October 6, 2014

Penal Code - Chapter 25 - bigamy, interference with child custody, enticing a child, harboring runaway child & other similar TX laws

Look under the Texas Penal Code

Title 6. Offenses against the family

Chapter 25 Covers...


Prohibited sexual conduct

Interference with child custody*

Agreement to Abduct from custody

Enticing a child*

Criminal nonsupport

Harboring runaway child*

Violation of certain court orders or conditions of bond in a family violence, sexual assault or abuse, or stalking case

Violating of Protective Order preventing offense caused by bias or prejudice

Repeated violation of certain court orders or conditions of bond in family violence case

Advertising for placement of child -- adoption

Interference with rights of guardian of the person*

Continuous violence against the family

* If you have a minor child that runs away to someone else's home, you might want to give them the Section under so they can realize that they are violating TX law and it is a crime.

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