Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Information needed to file an uncontested divorce

Below is some of the information needed to file and finalize an uncontested divorce in Texas:

All parties (adults & minor children)
  full name
  date of birth & location of birth
  social security number
  TX driver's license number
  phone number/email address
  employer with address & phone number

Date of marriage & location
Date of separation - best estimate

If wife wants maiden name, the full legal name

List of all vehicles (year, make & model) and list of loan company & amount of loan

List of all real estate & legal description
copy of deed & information on mortgage

List of all debts - for credit cards --  need account number & amount currently due
Any other outstanding debts? (need documentation)

Are any IRS taxes due?

Have taxes been filed jointly or together for the past 3 years?

List of all bank accounts/brokerage accounts with account number & current value

List of all retirement accounts with account number & current value
if there are any outstanding loans, include that too

Who carries the child on health insurance?
How much is the monthly premium?

Paystubs for the past 3-4 months and tax returns for the last 3 years
(used to calculate child support)

Any separate property owned by either spouse?

Do the minor children have any bank accounts or other assets?

Have you divided your personal property and furniture?
If not, what do you want and when can you move it into your possession.

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