Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why I like mediation?

Here are a few reasons that I like mediation instead of litigating a family law matter:

1.  Private & confidential in a relaxed setting - the courthouse can be scary and intimidating.

2.  You control the process.
You can take one session or more than one session if you want to do so.

3.  It's final if a full agreement is reached.

4.  You can do a partial agreement and limit the issues to go before the judge for a final decision.
That makes the trial shorter & should save you on attorney's fees.

5. The mediator can listen to things that a judge cannot hear.
There are no subjects not allowed to be discussed at mediation.

6. Your concerns (or worries) can be addressed.

7.  The judge has to follow the Texas Family Code - a mediator does not

8.  Casual - you don't have to dress up.
You can go outside to smoke if you need to do so.
You cannot leave the courtroom usually & you normally have to pay to park.

9. You get it done and you can go on with your life.

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