Monday, April 7, 2014

Flat-rate uncontested family law (such as divorce, name change, modification, emancipation) cases

I am willing to do uncontested family law cases if everyone agrees and there is no need to go to court and litigate:

Below are my basic flat-rate costs for 2015:

If your case is more complex, I reserve the right to quote you a higher rate at the time we meet and enter into a Legal Services Agreement.

(Generally filing fees in Harris County are around $300)

Adult Name Change $2,500 plus all court costs & filing fee costs

Divorce - no kids - $2,500 plus all court costs & filing fees

Divorce - with children - no QDRO or unusual visitation orders - $3,500 plus all court costs and filing fees

Customized visitation arrangements - $5,000 plus all court costs and filing fees

Divorce with children & a QDRO prepared by a QDRO company
(this still involves me doing more work on the case) - add an additional $1,000 to above fees

Emancipation of a Minor Child - $2,500 plus all court costs and filing fees (approx. another $500) - and both parents (or legal custodians) must agree to sign all necessary paperwork. Plus, the judge may appoint an attorney to represent the person wanting to be emancipated & you will have to pay their fees too (usually at least another $1,500 or more). Anticipate spending around $5,000.

Modify Custody or Child Support - $2,500 plus all court costs and filing fees.

Add another conservator to the court order - $3,500 plus all court costs and filing fees.

If you think my prices are too high, call attorney Rose Cardenas at 832-419-4110. She often flat-rates cases cheaper than me.  However, I'm easier to get ahold of by phone than Rose is.  Rose is a great attorney --but she is often in court and is often difficult to reach.  She does a lot of court appointed amicus work and is often not available to answer her phone. Please don't call me if you hire her & you cannot reach her - I'm NOT her personal secretarial service.

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  1. What a great look at the overall possible breakdown of a divorce. I personally had no idea that there were so many different prices for different situations. It really seems like getting a divorce can either be a simple payment or a very expensive endeavor. Thank you for taking the time to share this great information.