Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beware of programs to "hack" cell phones and tablets

I've just become aware of some potentially dangerous websites that sell programs to hack into cell phone and tablets.

They also sell passcode and password "crackers".

These sites claim that they can capture and monitor everything on your cell phone or tablet. It also claims to "control" the microphone and camera.  It allows the person to use GPS to track you.  It gives you "spoofing" tools.

Quite frankly, this technology scares me.

One website is
Their premium program sells for $149 year
Their premium program sells for #349 year

Beware! Their premium program claims it can record phone calls and "spy" on messages.  This is illegal in the State of Texas - if you are not a party to the conversation.  Your attorney can be held liable if he/she even listens to this type of potential evidence so many attorneys won't even let you bring info like this into their office & they don't want to know that such evidence even exists!  The fines are huge & it's a federal crime too.  It's not admissible in court & the judge cannot hear illegally obtained information -- so it is a waste of time and money.  But, as you probably are aware, a stacker might not care that obtaining this information is illegal and there there could be criminal prosecution if caught.

For anyone involved in a potential custody fight, you need to be extra careful.
You might consider not using a smart-phone.
And be careful of any emails or texts you receive.

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