Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Houston Texas mediations

Most of the Harris County Family Court District Court Judges REQUIRE mediation BEFORE allowing a final trial in any family court case.

Some courts even require mediation before they will schedule a temporary hearing in a family law case.

So if you have a family law matter pending, don't be surprise if you end up being ordered to attend mediation in the State of Texas.

In fact, it is the policy within the State of Texas to encourage mediation before litigation.

If you are involved in any family law case in the Houston area, you are probably going to be ordered to attend mediation.

Even cases where domestic violence has occurred, mediation can occur.  I just put the parties in separate rooms and make sure that they arrive and leave at different times.

I've mediated cases involving 10 day old babies and 17 year old children.
I've mediated marriages that were one month old and some marriages over 45 years old.
I've mediated cases where there might not have even been a marriage.
I've mediated cases with seriously ill parties.
I've mediated cases with lots of property and some with very property of limited pawnable value.
Every case is different and interesting.

I've interviewed the teen-age children and gotten their input regarding where they would like to live.  It is not binding on the outcome of the case, but I am willing to listen to their feelings.

My rates are below the average mediator rates - on purpose.  I want my rates to be affordable.  I have not raised my rates in over 8 years.  I do not accept personal checks, debit cards or credit cards since I've had trouble with "collections".  Therefore, I only accept cash or money orders.

My rates are $250 per side for the first 4 hours then $62.50 per side for each hour thereafter.
I expect payment at the time that we meet.

The judges order you to pay me, therefore, my fees are not negotiable. The judges know my rates are below market & they expect you to pay me at the time you enter my office. They know about the free services & they chose not to send you to the free mediation services.

My office is conveniently located.  My office is my Reliant Stadium at Loop 610.  My office is comfortable and relaxed.  I provide soft drinks and snacks.  I provide free parking.

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