Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Harris County Family Law Mediations

Most of the Harris County Family Law District Court judges require mediation before a trial can be scheduled.

Many of the Harris County Family Court judges also require that a mediation be held before a temporary orders hearing can be scheduled!

I often mediate the temporary and the final orders in divorces or child custody.

We do what I like to refer to as "band-aid" orders - temporary orders that are meant to last for less than a year.

Then if the couple cannot agree on what should be in the Final Decree of Divorce, the judge will order the couple to mediation again.

My cost?

$250 per side for the first 4 hours


$62.50 per side for each hour thereafter

Cash - money order only

No checks or debit card or credit cards accepted

I schedule only one mediation per day since many mediations last 6-7 hours

The longest mediation has lasted almost 12 hours!

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