Thursday, June 21, 2018

Houston Bar Association Fee Dispute Committee

The Houston Bar Association has a little known committee that handles attorney fee disputes. I've served on this committee for several years. It is under-utilized.

They are interesting cases. I've enjoyed volunteering for this committee.

Unfortunately, the last one I did was family law case.  The attorney's legal services agreement was old and out-dated. She was not responsive to my suggestions on how to improve her agreement to comply with current legal agreements and to bill on a monthly basis and not let the bill build up. Billing every 6 months is just not a prudent way to run a law office.

The 3 person panel (2 attorneys and a lay person) handled the case in a very professional manner. We cut her bill down a bit and gave him 6 months to pay since it took her 6 months to bill him. Both were very happy with the outcome. Both parties felt "heard" and respected.

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