Thursday, February 8, 2018

Unmarried pregnant women

If you are not married and you are pregnant, PLEASE call a family law attorney in your county to talk about your options.

It is so distressing when a woman that just gave birth calls and regrets the decisions she made at the hospital regarding the child's birth certificate.

I am especially upset when the new mom admits dad has drug, alcohol, mental illness or anger management issues. Or, his family members (normally paternal grandmother) is trying to control the entire situation.

If you sign up for any governmental assistance such as Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, etc. you need to read ALL THE FINE PRINT. You are allowing the State of Texas Attorney General's office to file a lawsuit against the bio. dad asking for reimbursement on behalf of Texas taxpayers!

You have no say in this matter once you access free or discounted services provided by the federal or state government.

It's like a snow ball rolling down hill, once it starts you just cannot stop it and it gets bigger and bigger.

If you don't want the Attorney General office involved, then don't access any free services.

I also usually suggest that mom not put bio dad's name on birth certificate or give the child the bio dad's last name. 

If dad wants to be involved, make him file a Paternity action and ask a judge to give him parental rights and for the child to have his last name.

If you do it, it's almost impossible to reverse. And, then it's going to cost you thousands of dollars in legal and court costs to try to get a judge to agree with you -- which many judges won't do so you wasted all your time and money.

Of course, only unhappy people call a lawyer. People that are getting along never call me so I recognize that I have a possibly unrealistic view of unmarried young people.

In summary, talk to a lawyer NOW and not later.

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