Saturday, November 18, 2017

If you don't have a will & other documents in Texas - PLEASE do it now!

Please consider doing the following estate planning documents in 2018. A will is not enough.
You need these docs especially if you are single.
And, probate in Texas is fairly quick and easy if you have a good will. You need an indpendent executor to serve without a bond.
So PLEASE do them now!
1.      Revocation of Previous Powers of Attorneys
2.      HIPAA Authorization to medical providers
3.      Medical Power of Attorney
4.      Directive to Physicians & Family
5.      Declaration of Guardian In the Event of later Incapacity
6.      Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (financial affairs)
7.      Gift by a Living Donor
8.      Appointment for Disposition of Remains
9.      Will

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