Sunday, February 26, 2017

Texas Legislature for 2017 is very considering some new family laws

In a recent editorial, Maria Anglin argues that getting rid of the no-fault divorce law in Texas is a bad idea. 

State Rep. Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth, supports the idea that any couple looking to divorce should have to "live apart for three years before they can legally divorce." 

Anglin counters that for some, "staying together is a painful mistake."  

Maria Anglin, San Antonio Express News  

Published around 01/07/2017
Read Article: San Antonio Express News    

My 2 cents:
1. Before Texas had "no fault" divorce then couples would hire a p.i. to "catch" the other spouse in a compromising situation. Many were made up.

2. Domestic violence occurs in a lot of divorces. So why force a person to stay married to a "bad" person?

3. The kids can look at the final decree of divorce (files are open to the public) and learn that their parent committed adultery. In my 25 years of being a TX lawyer, I've only done it once - that was when a minister who had sex with a 16 yr. old child was trying to get a new job in another state. This guy did not need to be around teen-age girls!

4. Judges no longer require counseling to try to save a marriage. Why? Because they found it did not work. Usually by the time a person files for divorce they are DONE with the marriage and it's beyond hope.

5. It's going to cost people more to divorce. Divorce in Harris County can run thousands of dollars. Why encourage higher legal fees that the average person cannot afford?

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