Monday, November 14, 2016

Warn your teen-agers about "sexting"

A very upset parent just contacted me.  Her daughter is a honor roll student and on the student council.  She never thought this could happen to their family.

Apparently her 15 year old daughter had sex with her boyfriend who is 17 yrs. old.  He videotaped her naked and they "sexted" photos of their privates to each other.

He has distributed these videos and photos all over the internet via different social media sites plus sent them to her friends.

So have a serious talk with your teens about sex, videotaping and sharing "private" info.

He is 17 yrs. old so he's an adult for criminal purposes in Texas.

She is under 17 so she cannot consent to sex.  But since they are so close in age it won't be considered "statutory rape".

The parents went to talk to his parents who laughed the entire thing off.

Now the girl is embarrassed and does not want to go back to school and face her friends.

What to do?

Contact the local police.

Contact the District Attorney's office.

Contact an attorney that handles some criminal law cases as well as has knowledge on getting a restraining order.

This young lady's life is now in shambles.  She is totally embarrassed.  Her entire family is living a nightmare because her naked photos are on so many websites.

They were madly in love, then broke up so he decided to "punish" her.

Now his parents are probably going to have to hire a lawyer to represent him in civil and criminal court.


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