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Texas Parenting Class

Parenting Classes for Harris & Galveston County Family Law cases:

(All information is subject to change without notice - these are accurate as of January, 2015)

8 hour course

Children 4 Tomorrow
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Online Seminars

"Parenting Choice" $39.99. You can print out your own certificate.

"Positive Parenting Through Divorce" $60.00. Will mail certificate.

"Parenting Partnerships" $65.00. You can print out your own certificate.

"Online Parenting Class" $34.99. You can print out your own certificate.

"Family Affairs" $38.00. You can print out your own certificate.

"Putting Kids First" $60.00 online or $70.00 by mail. Will mail certificate.

"Texas Cooperative Parenting Course" $31.46 if you subscribe (Otherwise, $34.95). You can print your own certificate. English or Español

"Online Parenting Programs" $49.99 (Discounted program available for low income households) You Can print your own certificate.

"Parent Class Online" $29.99. Will e-mail or mail your certificate. English or Español

Galveston County

“For Kids Sake Seminar” For Kids Sake $40-$50.00 fee. Offered several times a month in Galveston and Texas City. Parents need to register at least 48 hours in advance of the class. You can obtain a class schedule and registration form from the Galveston County Law Library, Galveston County Justice Center, or by calling (409) 765- 2601. Offers weekend programs.

Harris County

“Escape” Given at different locations in Houston. Call (713) 942-9500 for information on times, locations and registration.
No or very low cost. Offers some night and weekend programs.

“Stop the Conflict” Four-hour workshop that offers classes the first and third Tuesday of every month from 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. at the La Quinta Inn Hotel on Highway 59 and Westlyn. Registration can be done online at or mailed in to: Stop the Conflict, P.O. Box 541813, Houston, Texas, 77254. For more information, call (713) 520-5370. 
Registration fee is $50.00.

"Children in the Middle" A parent education program that helps parents become aware of how they may be placing their children in the middle of their conflicts during and after the divorce. Parents are taught new skills to help them through this difficult transition. Classes take place at United Methodist Church.
Registration fee is $45.00.

"Helping Children Cope with Divorce" a four-hour course that offers parents guidance on how to manage the divorce process and minimize its potentially negative impact on children. The course examines how divorce affects the entire family and provides tips on navigating difficult parenting situations. 
Registration fee is $65.00.

"Ayudando a los Niños a Superar un Divorcio" Ayudando a los niños a superar un divorcio es un curso de cuatro horas provee estrategias para manejar el proceso del divorcio y minimizar el impacto negativo que pueda tener en los niños.

"Co-Parenting & Divorce" Offered Tuesday evenings at 4:00 or 8:00. Teaches parents the needed skills to get through this difficult transition, and how to avoid putting children in the middle of their own conflicts. The course qualifies as court-mandated divorcing parent education and is endorsed by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. It is a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) model program. 
Registration fee is $40.00.

"Parenting Partnerships" Parenting Partnerships offers a variety of family life education programs – individually and class or workshop formats. Our classes include a marriage preparation course and parenting classes created to address the changing needs of families. We offer topic-specific workshops and training seminars. 
Registration for the in-person class is $45. 
The online class is $65.

"FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center" FamilyTime offers parenting and anger management classes. These classes are for the general public and for those required by the court or CPS to take the courses. The classes range from 4- 8 weeks.
(Divorce class $35.00; General parenting class $50.00) 

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