Monday, February 16, 2015

Sample Consent letter for minor children to travel outside of the US

Before using this form, check with the public carrier and the embassies of the countries into or through which the child or children will travel to determine if the carrier or the country requires a specific form or other information for a valid consent. 

Many carriers will not allow a child to travel without a notarized permission letter from the other parent.  Many carriers require that the form be their approved form.  

Be sure to make sure that everything is done prior to travel dates.

For information regarding this issue from the Department of State, see

                     Consent for Child[ren] to Travel 
                           Outside the United States


To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Consent for Child[ren] to Travel Outside the United States of America

I,___________________________, am the [mother/father/managing conservator] of the following children:


I give my consent and permission for [this/these] child[ren] to travel outside the United States of America with ____________________________________[name of adult traveling with child[ren]], who is the child[ren]’s ___________________________ [describe relationship], during the period and to the locations stated in this consent. 

The child[ren] [is/are] scheduled to depart on or about _______________ [date] for ________________ [location of first intended destination]. [If applicable, include interim locations and dates of travel.

The child[ren] [is/are] scheduled to arrive back in the United States of America on or about  ____________________ [date].

[Name of conservator or parent]
__________________ typed name
__________________ full address
__________, TX ____
__________________ phone number
__________________ email 

State of Texas                                )
County of  _____________            )

This instrument was acknowledged before me on __________________________, 20__ by _____________________________[name of conservator or parent].

 Notary Public, State of Texas

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