Thursday, November 13, 2014

What is elder law medaition?

What is elder law mediation?

Elder law mediation offers an out-of-court tool for settling family disputes related to senior family members.  Family disputes related to aging family members might be related to long-term care and guardianship, financial matters and other issues with the family estate, and plans for retirement, benefits, and medical care.  Mediation provides a non-confrontational way by which to settle these disputes. 

Because there are many issues involved in elder law, both practical and emotional, it is often better to resolve conflicts within the family.  Elder law mediation is private and keeps the decision-making control in the hands of the family members.  Mediation is also less expensive and time-consuming than litigation, and makes it easier to preserve family relationships in the long run.  Elder law mediators work with family members to reach a mutually agreed upon resolution that is in the best interest of everyone involved, especially the elderly family member.

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